Brand and Communication Manager - NYC

New York, United States


Who We Are

Storefront is the world’s leading short-term retail marketplace. We are a platform that makes retail accessible to anyone in the world. We make it possible for brands to easily find and book short-term retail space to sell their idea anywhere and for space owners to fill their vacant spaces fast.

Our platform powers over 10,000 listings, which represent more than 30 million square feet of retail space. We offer greater access to spaces in leading retail cities around the world, including New York, Paris, London, Milan, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Since our launch in 2013, we have helped thousands of brands all over the world, including Google, Samsung, L’Oréal, Everlane, Shopify, Indiegogo; open temporary retail stores.

Our team consists of 80+ passionate people based across 8 international offices.

Our People

The Storefront person is committed to transforming the way retail is experienced. We start our days with the intention of making an impact on the popup community. We ask why if a task is not aligned with our goals and objectives. We volunteer for projects outside of our scope to ensure our team members are supported. We dissect inefficiencies to build tools that improve the experience of everyone that logs onto our platform. We arrive early if we need to sync up with our colleagues globally, and stay late to hit a deadline for a company roll-out. We take pictures of “Store for Rent” signage on our way to work, we call space owners on our lunch break to share of new features on our site. We provide direction to brands on neighbourhoods to popup, expertise on national marketing strategies and resources for staffing their launch event. We go to conferences on weekends to stay knowledgeable of the real estate industry, we share articles on Slack to highlight innovative ideas, we carry business cards at the gym so not to miss a partnership opportunity. We are proud advocates of our brand and speak about our vision articulately and loudly. The person that works for Storefront is like no other.

Your Role

We are seeking a Communication Manager to become the global voice of Storefront and drive our brand awareness. This role is critical in providing strategic direction to the wider communication team and is responsible for the successful execution of our communication campaigns.

In particular, you will:



Exchange professionals: work permit mandatory

Please reach out, we'd love to share with you what we're doing and discuss the ways we can work together.

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